Biomass for Business

Benefits of using biomass for business

There are numerous benefits to using biomass in the business place. View our full range of biomass boilers here.

Biomass installations are eligible for direct payments under the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The RHI can give payback times on boiler installation of 2 – 2.5 years. As the scheme lasts for 20 years, your business could effectively have free heating for over 17 years. Burning biomass fuels will also significantly reduce your carbon dioxide emissions as it is an environmentally sustainable fuel source. Additionally, site waste residues can be burnt, reducing business waste costs and the amount of material going to landfill. 

Practical Considerations


Biomass systems require a significantly larger storage space than oil and gas systems as the energy density of the fuel is lower. The boiler would be connected to the existing heating system and usually requires a hot-water cylinder raised around one meter above the level of the boiler grate (for heat storage and safety reasons). Biomass boilers require a suitable flue and attention must be paid to local emissions regulations.

Fuel availability

Biomass systems are best suited to sites with large, local, fuel resources as these reduce costs. Fuel can include logs, crops or by-products from the forestry and timber industries. It is possible for sites with access to large amounts of timber to hire a chipper to produce wood-chip for use within boilers. However, attention must be paid to the quality of the fuel produced and the moisture content, as this effects fuel efficiency, emissions and soot build up.

Boiler type

Log fuelled batch boilers need refuelling roughly every couple of days meaning that automatic pellet or wood-chip systems are more appropriate for sites where this is not suitable. Automatic boilers use a fuel control mechanism and a hopper, which can store several weeks’ worth of fuel. Alongside regular refilling of the fuel store, all biomass systems will require regular cleaning of the grate and flue, alongside regular service and safety inspections.

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